Workshop on Mathematical Finance and Financial Data Processing

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Workshop on Mathematical Finance and Financial Data Processing

April 29 and 30, 2016, Soochow University

The workshop on Mathematical Finance and Financial Data Processing will take place in Soochow University (Tiancizhuang main campus) on April 29 and 30, 2016. This workshop will provide an open platform that brings together researchers from academia and industry to explore the latest development of financial mathematics, financial data processing and their applications. The specific topics that are expected to be represented in the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Ø  Modeling of liquidity in financial markets

Ø  Dynamic risk measures and financial regulation

Ø  Nonlinear probability and pricing mechanism

Ø  Equilibrium properties in markets with heterogeneous agents

Ø  Analysis of high-frequency financial data

Ø  Time inconsistent stochastic control and portfolio selection

Ø  Fuse mechanism and China financial markets

Ø  Peculiarity groups mining and applications

Ø  ......

Academic Counselor

Cao Yongluo Soochow university

E Weinan Princeton university and Peking University

Wang Guojing Soochow university

Yue Xingye Soochow university

Organizing committee

Mu Rui, Soochow University;

Li Xiafei, China Financial Futures Exchange;

Li Xinpeng, Shandong University;

Yang Zhouwang, Soochow University;

Xu Yuhong, Soochow University.

Confirmed Speakers

(If your information is incorrect or incomplete contact :

Li Xinpeng, Shandong University;

Li xiafei, China Financial Futures Exchange;

Lin qian, Wuhan University;

Bai Xuepeng, Qilu Securities;

Hu Yong, Minsen Investment;

Lin Zijian, The University of Hong Kong;

Zhou Chao, National University of Singapore;

Song Jian, The University of Hong Kong;

Xiong Yun, Fudan University;

Kong Xinbing, Center for advanced statistics and Econometrics, Soochow University;

Wang Xin, Shandong University;

Wu Panyu, Shandong University;

Zhang Fei, China Financial Futures Exchange;

Liu Feng, China Financial Futures Exchange;

Ma Chenghu, Fudan University;

Jia Guangyan, Shandong University;

Dai Huanhuan, Soochow Securities;

Peng Xianhua, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yang Zhouwang, Math Center for Interdiscipline Research, Soochow University;

Lin Xiangyun Shandong University of Science and Technology



Program Schedule

The reception will begin at 8h00 on April 29 at the Center for Financial Engineering.


Coming Soon.


Deadline for registration: April 10; No registration fee for PhD students.   .......

Please send an e-mail to


Invited speakers will be accommodated at TBA

The conference diner will take place at TBA


For other enquiries, please contact
Pei Ziting(裴梓婷) 18862323197;

Mu Rui(穆蕊) 18136064623;

Zhou Yanrong (周艳荣) 18761941098;

Xu Yuhong(徐玉红) 18362712975,


School of Mathematical Sciences, Soochow University;

Center for Financial Engineering, Soochow University;

Math Center for Interdiscipline Research, Soochow University;

Funded by

Professional Brand of Jiangsu Province (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)


Natural Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Province from Xu Yuhong (No.11401414; No.BK20140299; No.14KJB110022).

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